We ask for a reservation/deposit fee of 1/2 (one-half) of the purchase price for Pet/Companion or Show/Breeding Puppies before 7
weeks of age, after 7 weeks of age we no longer take deposits to "hold" puppies, full payment must be made after 7 weeks of age
to insure us that you are ready to make a commitment on loving one of our babies, this fee will be collected once we have a
breeding plan started, if you are seriously interested in a puppy please fill out our
On-Line Questionnaire.
NO puppy will be held without a deposit and a prospect owner MUST fill out a Questionnaire!

We do NOT sell puppies based on eye color and it's not guaranteed to be in the litter.
Please remember we only get what mother nature gives us and we place puppies into homes best suited for that puppy eye color
should NOT a factor in picking the RIGHT puppy for your home & lifestyle.

We do not have puppies available all year round, we are but a small hobby breeder and we take GREAT pride as well as a LOT of
pedigree research to insure the right breedings take place in order to produce soundness in genetic health & temperaments in our
puppies. We ONLY do a breeding in order to keep a puppy to show & for the future of our breeding program . We have produced
puppies that do it all, working/herding, 4-H, Certified Search & Rescue/Certified Therapy, Seizure Alert Dogs, conformation, agility,
rally, free style, fly ball as well as amazing loving pets & companions. References are available upon request to serious inquiries.


EVERY puppy is priced individual and is FIRM

We are no longer shipping, you are welcome to come to us or we would be willing to meet somewhere for a gas fee, but we are no
longer shipping by air

We welcome anyone to come visit our dogs & puppies, by appointment & as long as OnLine Questionnaire and References have
checked out and you are approved, I really rather not waste my time nor yours if you are not seriously interested in a puppy.  
When we do have new babies on the ground we do not allow visitors until the litter is 6 weeks 3 days of age because we vaccinate
at 6 weeks of age, we give 3 days for immunity of the vaccines to take effect before visitors may visit. Please take note some
puppies may not be available because deposits are on them to hold them. I can not hold a puppy without a deposit nor can I
guarantee a certain puppy to be available at 6 weeks 3 days old when they can be viewed in person. We do accept paypal for
deposits, however please fill out a questionnaire and be approved before sending a deposit. There is also a 3.5% PayPal fee charge
that would need to be added for any paypal deposits.

Please remember each puppy is raised, cared for, loved and socialized.
We try and place each puppy in the home that is best for the dog and the owner/family.

On-Line Questionnaire will be required and filled out as well as references from the prospective buyer.
We carefully screen and may also ask to do a home check of some sort for each prospective puppy buyer to make sure the home
is the right one for one of our puppies.

Pet/Companion: A dog that does not meet the structural or aesthetic criteria as laid forth by the American Kennel Club or
Australian Shepherd Club of America. There is nothing inherently wrong with the dog. It just may have a disqualifying fault (such as
improper coat color) or a fault severe enough to prevent it from finishing in the show ring. The dog is still capable of being an active
happy member of the family who could still perform in performance events such as herding, lure coursing, agility, obedience and
rally or could easily be certified to become Certified Therapy Working Dogs. All pet quality puppies are sold on spay/neuter
contract and with limited registration ONLY.

Show Exhibition/Breeding or 4-H prospect: These are dogs 8 weeks to 12 months old that at the time of sale do not have any
disqualifying or serious faults that would prevent them from finishing a Championship/breeding or Working livestock. They are not
deemed show quality because so much changes between 8 weeks and 12 months. It is acknowledged by us that these puppies
may not turn out as hoped.

4-H/Performance/Herding/Working: A dog that exhibits good drive in various areas and would be happiest in a home that was
willing to train it in various venues of sport (agility, tracking, herding, etc).

SummeReane sells all puppies on written & signed contracts, guaranteeing health for hereditary defects of eyes, hips, elbows,
temperament and against hereditary epilepsy (I.E.).

Adult dogs sold over 2 years old with all health clearances done and passed will have no genetic health guarantee though will be
sold with a normal 72 hour health guarantee that will apply though toward infectious diseases.

If you have any questions at any time please do contact us!
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